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We could run in a million circles through the chaos of our brains desperate to find the meaning of it all.

The very meaning of our purpose.

We could run ourselves ragged hoping for answers, resolution, closure, and we would never find the peace we seek.

We never find the answers we are looking for in desperation.

The jumbled frenzy blinds our clarity.

It prevents us from opening ourselves.

In our very minds, our prison, we are trapped, constantly overthinking, analyzing, preparing ourselves for the inevitable, or telling stories about whats to come.

It is a sickness.

It's maddening.

How do we stop?

Those very things we tell ourselves likely won't happen.

Perhaps we tell those stories out of fear.

Afraid to open up.

Afraid to tell the truth of our hearts.

It is easier to hide behind our thoughts.

As we close our eyes allowing the constant flashes of dialogue to dilute our ability to form the words we are desperate to mutter.

Drowning us.

All of these things buried in the deep unknown.

Is it safe here?

To slowly open our eyes, our hearts, our mouths?

We want a way out.

We ask ourselves; "Is this working for us?"

Is it?

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