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Taking a leap of faith or riding a rollercoaster?

Why are we here right now? Well.......A little over a year ago. I took a leap of faith. I picked up my life, and relocated to a new place, for you guessed it, love. (*insert vomit emoji) The cynic in me, of course made these decisions strongly on the raging heart ache I felt being such a distance from my beloved, but rather it was because I felt, no, I K N E W it was the absolute only way to make it work. Sure (at the time) financially it made sense, lower rent, lower insurance, and the weather seemed better, but it took me away from the only place providing me with consistent income, so I hit a crap place for a few months. On top of that I also was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma on my face, which kept me from modeling for almost a month. Talk about a pretty rough start.

About that time I started Live Videos on Facebook to document my journey through topically treating my skin cancer and sharing my newfound knowledge of the topic. Those videos received so much great feedback and I helped educate so many others, encouraging them to also get their skin checked. So from that point- I decided I would officially start a Youtube Channel- it only took me about 7 months. Because after my face cleared- things really took off and its been a busy, jet-setting, lucrative few months. So here it is- my official Youtube Channel. It is all about modeling/acting/ and how you can make a career out of hearing no. I hope to help others follow their dreams and provide some guidance in this giant complicated world of modeling. Please check out my channel and if you have any comments or perhaps have a topic you would like covered, please comment and subscribe!

Youtube Channel Link BELOW!!!!!

Welcome to my official website and new blog home!!!


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