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Don't just sit there, Get up and groove

Almost every day I am reminded life is very short and truthfully not that long ago I was questioning my own worth and career path. To be honest, I question it daily. I am human after all. I can't be the only one that gets down on themselves almost daily right??? What really gets me, is seeing my career fluctuate, seeing others book the jobs I was going for, and just having to stand by and be patient. Those are all regular occurrences in any creative industry, and let me tell you, they never get easier. They just get clouded with time. BUT I am career driven, and I am determined to succeed. That is really one of the biggest things to keep me going, and I believe to be a major requirement for any person that wants to succeed in this uncertain and wild industry.

So where does this all end?

Or begin?

How do you stay positive?

And what does it require to be successful as a model? an actor? a makeup artist? etc?

All of these questions are truly the reason I have the strong desire and need to educate others, to share my experiences, to guide those that are lost. This is a very daunting lifestyle, and it truly isn't for everyone. It requires you to be strong willed, to have thick skin, to be your own business, to constantly work on improving, networking, following up, and have the utmost memorable professionalism. The biggest piece of knowledge I can share is, to realize that every experience is unique. No one person will have the same successes as the next. Being an artist is subjective to your own individual path. The one thing we can all have in common is the drive, the ability to wake up each day and grind away, to defy the odds, to have the will power to take all the NO's and fuel the the fire to continue on.

So I bring my Youtube Channel to life (slowly, because life is busy and messy) in hopes that I can help others with my experiences.

When I look back at the evolution of my career, I never thought I would end up Co-Producing and Starring in a web series Purity Squad, be acting as a freelance PAID casting director for major clients, be playing a young mom in commercials, or have my face next to Mandy Moore's on the major skin care product Dermaflash's website. (Image featured below) And these are all small pieces in my path, and just some of the "impressive" projects I have done. But have I made it? NO. I am only just beginning, and have to keep up the groove, the hustle, the fire, EVERY. SINGLE. WAKING. DAY. Or I get lost- in the shuffle, in the sea of the people who want it more, in the whole wide world of bright eyed hopefuls, in the digital space of our current "reality" of trying to remain relevant on social media platforms. To achieve 10k+ followers to look successful. Or to even get considered for roles. Its a massive deception that is required of us. And we do it, day in and day out. I never thought I'd have to worry about hashtags or IG's selfies, or Vlogging, or having an at home self tape studio. Or that my full time job would be learning 3-6 scripts a week and submitting auditions on my own.

So be prepared to be open minded, to go with the flow, to share your successes, to be humble, to learn more everyday, and to grow. Or the world will grow with out you.

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