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Running into 2019 likes its still 2018-BECAUSE IT IS

It's that time of the year, again. That very special time where we cross over into a new year. A place where we can "start over" and set new goals. A clean slate. Or a bunch of hog wash if you ask me..It is a complete waste of time and just another excuse for us to push back important goals/progress/life changes. It is a just a single date. It is LITERALLY the day after the next with a different number attached.

So why do we have to put so much focus on becoming a brand new person when the new year begins??

I truly do get the sentiment behind reflecting on the year that has passed, and starting fresh. It is a nice thought.. Of course a lot of what we do revolves around time passing and new years coming. (ie: renewing car registration, memberships, contracts, taxes) But beyond that routine adult jargon, we are only doing ourselves a disservice by putting off our personal goals into the new year.

Like let's be honest- January 1 of any year, what do most people do? I can tell you one thing they aren't doing- waking up with a brand new perspective and checking off that goals list and following through past January 15th. Saying- starting January 1 I am going to do this or that, is not only an unrealistic approach to wanting to change your lifestyle, but its a set up to immediately fail. Why do you ask??? Because its your mind set. It's easier and more satisfying to say you will do something in the future, instead of just doing it now. The holidays are wonderful and great and it is easy to fall off your routine That's OK. Enjoy the things you do, but keep going to the gym, keep attempting to eat healthy when you can, and stop using the holidays as an excuse to fall off track of any goal. If we just look at our goals and the things we hope and want for our lives as tasks that we tackle a little at a time every day, and look at it as a long time lifestyle, it becomes easier. I don't always wake up excited to go to the gym, but I ALWAYS feel amazing after I convince myself with a big cold brew coffee and push myself to get there. I don't always want to avoid dairy and sugar, and if I want something I'll eat it, but 90% of the time I stay on track and I always feel better because of it. Just because you want that dessert, or to sit on the couch longer, or to sleep in, or to simply use every excuse in the book because you aren't doing what you should be doing, doesn't mean any of those things are okay or good for you. And it most certainly will only delay the inevitable of NOT REACHING YOUR GOALS!

So if you are unhappy in your life, or how you feel, or there is something that you want to change, stop using the new year as a crunch, putting it up on a pedestal to hide behind your lack of commitment.

You will feel happier if you use each day as an opportunity to walk or run after your goals. To make changes to be a better you. Every day is a chance to be a bigger and better human, not just January 1 of any year, but all 365 days. Use it, or lose it!!!


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